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Impact Of Design - from House to Home

 Impact of Design 

from House to Home


A good design touches you, a great design touches your soul. Designing is an art practiced by many and mastered by some. It’s an art which can shape people’s life into a much better one. Likewise, when it comes to shaping homes along with people’s lives, interior design plays an important role.

The art of shaping someone’s life, just by enhancing their quality, is an art of interior designing. The environment or the surrounding we live in highly affects us, more than we think it does. It affects our mood, behavior, energy and productivity levels and attitude. It is said that a house is merely a structure of bricks, but a home is a structure filled with emotions and love among the people staying inside the structure. A home can be anywhere, any space or any being, for some people at home is where they are, for some it’s another place, for some, it's where they work. The idea of home is pretty subjective to people.

The essence of a home is the emotions inculcated within the space. To make you feel at home or to inculcate those emotions within is something that can be done by an exquisite design. The design has to do more with people than with space itself. For instance, empty space has been used smartly and has been fully equipped, but it holds no value if there aren’t any people make effective use of that space. So, you see when a designer connects his design to people rather than the product, that’s where the magic begins.  

We at The Pine and Oak factory, have been aiming to change more people’s lives every day. We try to achieve that by understanding our client’s requirements, then, curating the best there is in terms of products, designs, colours and most importantly the quality, there has to be no compromise, whatsoever. Finally, creating a perfectly devised bespoke design. We try to the bridge the gap between what our customer wants and what exactly they need.

In every design, be it the smallest one, attention to detail plays an important role. Right from the production to the texture, colours, materials, the look of it, the feel of it, is what makes a design lively and breathable. We ensure intricate attention to every detail in our every project, to deliver exactly what our client needs, without sparing out on any details. A design should speak emotions. This is why a designer needs to create a space where one feels relaxed, comfortable, organized and more importantly peace.


A great design can truly change your life. Over the years in this business, we have seen such positive changes that our designs have brought to our clients. We hear all the time that our clients feel at peace and relaxed in the space we have created for them. These are the five things, we aim to achieve while designing a house to make it the best home for our clients.


1. A relaxed environment


Right from the texture of the material to the feel of it, right from the colours of the paints the lighting that will go with it, designers sure know how to make a comfortable and relaxing environment. Varying people have varying needs, for instance working professionals need a space where they can work as well as relax at the same time. We consider right from the placement of the furniture in a space to the colour that will complement your space. A relaxing environment should be perfectly balanced, comfortable and breathable.



2. A proper organization


A designer does more than just creating a beautiful space. We also aim to bring a certain organization and order to your home. From creative storage solutions like custom-built cabinets to custom closet design, we aim to create a place that has a place for everything you need. Having a home that is not only beautiful, but also is well neat and organized, makes it more inviting and works as the best stress reducer when you come home after a tiring day. We all want to come to a home which makes us feel more relaxed, don’t we?


3. A more functional space


Effective use of space plays an important role in any design.

The proper placements of every piece of furniture right from a small stool to cabinets highly affect the organization and functionality of the area. We take time to understand your lifestyle, what you enjoy doing and what you don’t, then aim to create a space that fits your likings perfectly. You love to pool? But have no clue where will your pool table, but then you also have a storage room in your house, which might be not of much use, there we are, using the existing space to meet your needs.


4. A healthy and a safe place


As the world is moving towards an eco-friendly environment and a sustainable future, so do we. Our designers aim to create a space for you that is healthy as well as safe. Right from using eco-friendly appliances to sustainable materials, we ensure that there is no harm done to the environment. Speaking about safety, we design for the long-term keeping ageing in mind. When you enter your golden years, making sure that the design is effective even when you are older so that the only thing you can focus on is cherishing your life at that moment. A safe place for kids and even the adults in the house ensures a safe and restful environment.



5. A space for everyone



A fun company is always good, isn’t it? The more, the merrier. We design spaces that are not only apt for your family and friends gathering from time to time, but also make sure that every member living in the space enjoys individuality, whether it is the library for dad or drawing room for the kids, we have got it covered. We cater for all kinds of spaces with all kinds of beings, right from a small cubicle for your pets or gigantic garages for your favorite cars. A design should be appealing to everyone living in the space, to cherish the true feeling of home.




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